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10 Cool Commodore 64 Games

posted by Chris Valentine

10 Cool Games For The Commodore 64

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Impossible Mission

This cool game for the Commodore 64 was published by Epyx in 1984. The gameplay was addictive. And I’ll always remember the digitized voices of Professor Atombender:

“Another visitor. Stay awhile… staaaaay FOREVER!”
“Destroy him, my robots!”

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Rambo was simultaneously the most frustrating and most rewarding game I had for C64. Frustrating because it was almost friggin impossible, but when I finally won the game it felt like a real achievement.

Miner 2049er

Created by Bill Hogue in 1982, Miner 2049er had 10 different screens of gameplay. I played the hell out of this one.

Remember – stay away from the radioactive waste!

Miner 2049er

Summer Games/Summer Games II/Winter Games/World Games/California Games

Epyx Games For Commodore 64

Epyx released Summer Games in 1984, which featured various events from pole vaulting to skeet shooting to swimming. It was a hit and spawned a whole franchise of “Olympic” Games.” World Games was particularly fun, since it had odd competitive events like weightlifting (Russia), Log Rolling (Canada), Cliff Diving (Mexico), Caber Toss (Scotland), etc. I remember liking Winter Games alot too.


Zork I

The one and only text adventure classic. Wiki says that “Zork” was originally MIT slang for an unfinished program. Originally written in MDL, it was later written using a language called ZIP (sorta like LISP). The original creators founded the company Infocom. You can play Zork here.

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