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Poop Steak – Meat From Human Waste

posted by Chris Valentine

You know how the astronauts recycle urine into drinking water? Well, now you can add “#2” into the “mix.” A Japanese scientist has figured out how to make “poop steak” – that is, to synthesize meat from human waste. So now astronauts have something new to add to their menu!

Poop Steak

This steak tastes like crap.

Researcher Mitsuyuki Ikeda has figured out how to make steaks, developed from proteins in human waste. “Sewage mud” has been found to contain lots of protein (from all the bacteria in it). That protein can be extracted and used in the creation of “poop steak” which is composed of 63% protein, 25% carbs, 3% lipids, and 9% minerals. The result is then colored and flavor enhanced. Apparently, it tastes like the real thing.

The idea here is that we want to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions from meatpacking plants as well as free up resources consumed by livestock. Right now, “poop steaks” are expensive, but Ikeda hopes the price will eventually reach that of actual meat. If you are going to try it, just be sure and cook it real good.

Source: Yahoo

As one commentator asked – doesn’t the fast food industry already do this?

H/T to Todd B. for the link!


You may not have to eat the feces burger after all, if the stem cell burger has its way. This article says that scientists are working on a way to harvest stem cells from cows, which are put in a lab to multiply over a billion times to produce “muscle tissue.” This tissue, called “in vitro meat”, is similar to beef.

Artificial meat is being researched in Holland, and researchers think that by starting out with only 10 stem cells, 50,000 tons of meat could be produced within months.

Stem cell burgers vs excrement burgers. You make the choice.

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