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Vermin Supreme For President 2012

posted by Chris Valentine

Vermin Supreme 2012

There’s this guy who calls himself Vermin Supreme and he’s running for president in 2012. We’d think he’d make a good President – sure, you got your Ron Paul fanatics, but Vermin Supreme trounced Ron Paul in a recent debate in New Hampshire. Well, ok, it wasn’t really a debate – Ron Paul was in a diner and Vermin was shouting through a bullhorn in the parking lot, but still:

Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s final full day of campaigning in New Hampshire got off to a bizarre start here Monday when he was met by a bullhorn-toting man with a rubber boot on his head who challenged him and President Obama to a “panty-wrestling match to decide it all.” “Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul,” Vermin purred into the bullhorn, playfully taunting the 12-term Texas congressman. “You are surrounded by the media. The media owns you now.”

Source: Washington Times

Ron Paul made a quick getaway in his SUV, prompting Vermin to play the Chicken Dance through his bullhorn.

In Vermin Supreme’s own words:

“I’m a friendly fascist, a tyrant you can trust because I know what is best for you. I am challenging Obama and Ron Paul to a debate and an arm-wrestling match, leg-wrestling match and a panty-wrestling match to decide it all — the presidency of the United States.”

Other things Vermin Supreme champions:

  • free ponies for all Americans
  • harnessing zombies for energy sources
  • mandatory tooth-brushing laws
  • invading every country on earth and making them all states to create a United States of Earth

Vermin Supreme in 2012. The terrorist enemy gingivitis must be defeated.

Dental Police

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