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Playmobil Airport Security Checkpoint Toy Set

posted by Chris Valentine

Company Playmobil has created a toy set for kids 4 years and up called the (Airport) Security Checkpoint. We suppose it doesn’t have to apply to the airport only, though. Perhaps they can set up a security check point at train stations and bus depots as well! Anyhow, this is the perfect toy to get your kid for his birthday or Christmas because it’s not only fun to play with but extremely educational. Kids must be prepared at a young age to take abuse from the TSA so that they will develop into well behaved adults that do whatever security tells them to do, no matter how ridiculous the order is.

Playmobil Security Check Point

Playmobil Security Checkpoint Toy Set

Playmobil Security Checkpoint Toy Set (2)

I'm happy to oblige high radiation levels and junk touching, kind sirs!

A few things missing from the playset that should be added in the next edition:

  • Toy bottles of aftershave over 3 ounces hidden in carryon
  • Extra figures to simulate excessively long lines
  • Pornoscanners
  • “Special areas” for “special cases”
  • Shoes that can be removed

Funny photos that people uploaded:

Security Check Point Set - Funny

Don't Touch My Junk!

By the way, Amazon also sells Uranium Ore. Try getting that through security.

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