Let Your Feet Do the Talking: The 5 Hottest Sneaker Trends of 2019

posted by Chris Valentine

America’s obsession with sneakers is no secret. The history of how we arrived at that obsession is fascinating, and they’re now a facet of pop culture that will likely never fade in popularity.

But even though the sneaker’s popularity is eternally enduring, trends still come and go. If you want to be a true sneakerhead, you have to keep up on what’s hot from season to season.

If you’re a busy person, playing catch up can be hard. To make it easy on you, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 hottest sneakers of 2019.

1. Adidas LXCON

There’s a reason Adidas is one of the biggest and longest-lived named in sneakers. The LXCON is a perfect example of that.

This slick sneaker runs with the chunky trend that’s been ruling for the last few years, but it adds Adidas signature tech elements that they’ve been incorporating into their shoes recently.

Plus, the shoe is endorsed by Jonah Hill. With his recent unexpected emergence as an icon in street fashion, you can take his word that these sneakers are the real deal.

2. Nike Air Max Dia SE QS

Since we opened the list with a classic name, why not follow it up with another giant in the game? Nike continues to come correct with their newest incarnation of the classic Air Max.

While this is technically a women’s sneaker, this will look fly on any gender. It takes the most timeless aspects of the Air Max like the exposed air bubble and blends them seamlessly with a fresh, techy feel.

The available colorways are also absolute fire, so these are great for adding a bit of pop to an outfit.

3. New Balance 990v5

If you’ve been following the dad shoe trend of the past couple of years, you know that grasscutters have been growing in popularity. Think of the 990v5 as the epitome of that.

Even 5 years ago, rocking these sneakers unironically would be unthinkable. Today, they’re a staple of any fashion-savvy person’s sneaker rotation.

4. Everlane Tread Trainer

Everlane is a newcomer to the sneaker game, but they knocked it out of the park with their debut shoe. The modern, minimalist look is a great match for most outfits.

The Tread Trainer sports a timeless silhouette reminiscent of classics like Nike Dunks. On top of a stylish look, these kicks are made almost entirely of recycled materials, so you can look fly and reduce your carbon footprint while you’re leaving real footprints.

5. Adidas Superstar

We opened the list with Adidas, so we figured we might as well close it the same way. For our last entry, we have another classic in the Adidas Superstar.

Superstars are great because they’re unisex and come in almost endless color variations. No matter what sort of outfit you’re rocking, there’s a Superstar to match it.

Your Sneakers Matter

If your footwear is an afterthought, it shouldn’t be. Sneakers can make or break an outfit, so make sure your shoe game is up to snuff. This list should help you round out your collection.

In need of some more fashion tips? Keep reading to get a look at what’s going to be hot this summer.

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