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The January Blues

posted by Chris Valentine

January 3 is the first day of this year when legal offices are opened, but they already have many appointments with people who go there in the first working week of the year to settle their divorces. Actually, lawyers call this day a ‘Divorce Friday’, as this is the busiest time of the year when these firms get divorce enquiries.

According to a spokesman of such a company, January is the busiest month for them. A lot of people find out various underlying issues in their relationships during the Christmas time, as they spend some more time together. In addition, people naturally access all their goals and achievements in the beginning of the year, which includes their relationships as well and take decisions to make changes if they find them unsatisfying.

People who call the firms are usually those who would like to make the next steps regarding their relationships. They think that contacting the agency is the first step toward the positive change. And the agencies are happy of this fact, as they have plenty of work from the very beginning of the year.  They take advantage of the ‘Divorce Friday’ to earn more money on the account of broken relationships and families.

People are becoming more selfish these days, hoping that the beginning of the new year will bring them more opportunities and make new bold decisions only to realize that they are far away from their goals at the end of the year.

Divorce solicitors report that enquiries during January are 30 percent more compared to the other months of the year and their number grows further each and every year.

This fact is confirmed by a study showing that about 18 percent of the parents in the UK go back to work after school holidays considering separation, splitting up or divorce. The reason might be financial pressures they have met during the holidays, which are reported by almost half of the participants in the study.

About fifth part of the parents believe that the time following school holidays is the best time to begin divorce proceeding, which coincides with the ‘Divorce D-Day’, mentioned above. It is proven that non-married parents are double as likely to think of separation compared to those that are married.

Apart from Divorce Friday, another day of the year is considered the most depressing day, known as the Blue Monday. For 2014, this day will be January 20. This phenomenon appears once a year without fail and people usually feel emotionally cloudy during that day. According to the researcher and calculator of this day, Dr. Cliff Arnall, it is determined by six factors, such as debt level, whether conditions, motivational levels during the season, presence of goals, etc. It falls exactly five weeks since the last paycheck, four weeks after Christmas and one week before the next paycheck. It is the day the post-Christmas bills arrive, sending people into a panic about their finances.

However, there is a good thing about knowing that such depressing day exists each year. People are able to sit down and feel sorry about them without feeling guilty about that. They can just blame the Blue Monday and release the accumulated stress and tension. Since everyone is doing that, the same is expected from us too.

Although many people believe that the whole concept about this day is pseudoscience, and the formula derived makes no sense, others just take advantage of it to excuse their depression and bad mood.

There might be other days of the year considered by people as being bad, but obviously Divorce Friday and Blue Monday lead the classification and are considered to be the worst days of the year.

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