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Funny Sign In Bathroom At Scotland Bar

posted by Chris Valentine

Here’s a notice that was put up in the ladies’ bathroom at a place called The Moorings, located in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The Moorings - Cubicle No. 4

Only cubicle number 4 may be used for (quiet) sexual liaisons! The other cubicles are strictly reserved for lavatory functions!

Moorings - Aberdeen - Scotland

Moorings - Aberdeen - Scotland

Lisa from Sociological Images said this about the photo:

I spent one summer at the University of Amsterdam and I learned that some societies had practical instead of moral approaches to illegal behaviors. The most well-known example of this in the Netherlands is their decision to stop policing marijuana, even though it is illegal. It’s simply, I was told, believed to be a waste of resources with little reward. The United States would never go for this. We tend to think that it’s immoral to break the law, not just illegal, and would consider this kind of practical approach to be hypocrisy.

Indeed. But much of the USA’s laws are rooted in Puritanism. Old habits die hard. Does anybody up top even care that the War on Drugs (TM) isn’t working?

On to a story that’s (kinda-sorta) related:

Drug Called “Bubbles” Banned by Aberdeen Club/Bar Owners

Pub and club owners in Aberdeen, Scotland have decided to outlaw a drug that is legal to obtain. Mephedrone is a recreational drug also known as bubbles – and it’s banned from the bars.

A woman died at a house in Dunfermline last month after she was thought to have taken “bubbles”. The drug’s main ingredient is mephedrone, which is not a controlled substance and can be made from plant food. Mark Donlevy, the chairman of Unight, said: “There has been a lot of concern about this drug across the country, even though it is not a controlled drug. He added: “This ban sends a clear message that we will not tolerate drugs of any kind and anyone caught with mephedrone will face a ban – not just from one establishment, but all of them.”

So – not every law is a “practical” one. People still pick-and-choose.

In case you want to know more about “bubbles”, here you go.

Don’t know how a funny sign in the ladies’ loo leads to bubbles, but, there ya go.

Hat tip to Glossolalia Black.

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