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Bizarre McDonalds Commercials and Videos

posted by Chris Valentine
MCDonalds Japan Commercial

7 days...

We start off with this vintage McDonalds commercial from Japan. A voice says “Happy-Set” before we are treated to weird animal things coming out of TVs like that chick from Ringu. (We think they are Pokemon or something) Then there’s the weird “happy” song that sounds like something Stimpy would come up with.

Here’s one with Grimace. It’s really weird.

This one is for a McDonalds item called Tomato McGrand, featuring a hot girl dressed like Mickey D (Mickie-D?) She looks French, but the ad is definitely Japanese.

Ronald McDonald's Wife?

Oh, Mickie you're so fine

In this video, Ronnie gets a makeover and comes out like the Hipster/Emo version of himself. Similar style to the chick above.

Bonus: More Strange Japanese spots, including Ronnie falling off a bench, and messing around in front of a mirror.

Ronald McDonald Mirror

You talkin to me? Well I'm the only clown here...

Bonus! Acid Trip Ronnie!

Somebody took a Japanese McD spot and turned it into an acid-trip type thing. Something very special goes inside those Chicken McNuggets! Far out.

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