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No Pay Stubs, No Problem; Here’s How to Show Proof of Income

posted by Chris Valentine

Maybe you’re renting a new apartment, and you need to show your landlord that you can pay rent. Or perhaps you’re looking for a loan for a new business venture or personal project and need to bring something to the bank.

There are plenty of situations where you may need to show your proof of income. This is easy for people who have easy access to pay stubs, but being asked to show proof of income can be difficult when you don’t. 

This may come as a surprise to you, but there are plenty of ways to show proof of income even if you don’t have an official pay stub to show. Here are our tips on what you should do to prove your income if you don’t have an official paystub. 

Create Your Own Pay Stubs 

Some people reading this post may be searching for the phrase “can you fake a pay stub” or “how to make a pay stub.” Luckily for you, it’s very easy to make a paystub of your own.

All you need is a little information from your company, your personal information, your pay rate, and a company EIN/SSN. 

There are plenty of sites where you can make your own paystub in a matter of minutes. It’s a good solution if you’re dealing with someone that will only accept pay stubs as proof of income. 

Tax Statements 

You may not have access to your pay stubs, but you may have a few copies of your latest tax returns. If you’re in a pinch and need to show proof of income, tax documents can help.

Look for a W-2 if you’re employed full-time or part-time, and look for your 1099 if you earn freelance income. 

This can give someone an entire year’s worth of insight into your income. It should have all of the information they need, and it’s also a legitimate government document.  

Bank Statements 

Consider using some of your old bank statements as a way to prove your income. Most apps and online banking portals can give you statements from several years ago.  

Some people don’t like banking statements because it can give people a lot of insight into your personal life. To make things easier, consider highlighting important things on your bank statements like direct or check deposits to get people’s eyes to focus on the most relevant information.

Benefits Letters

Are you receiving social security or workers’ compensation as your main source of income? If so, reach out to the agency to see how they can help you verify your income. 

People on social security can contact their local agency for a benefit verification letter that can serve as proof of income. If you’re receiving workers’ compensation, ask them to send a letter that details lost wage compensation as verifiable income.

Simple Solutions to Financial Problems 

You don’t have to panic if you don’t have pay stubs to prove your income. There are plenty of ways for people to show proof of income as long as they get creative. 

Do you have questions about other financial matters? Are you ready to read more tips about money management? 

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