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Weird Science: The Hutchison Effect

posted by Chris Valentine

Some weird science today, involving something called The Hutchison Effect. John Hutchison is a Canadian inventor, a kind of mad-scientist type who supposedly can make metal objects levitate.

Hutchison Effect


The video below talks about self-resonation, zero point energy, propulsion technologies, and all those other buzzwords that you throw out there at parties without knowing what the hell they even mean.

Crystal energy converters! Tesla coils! Third derivative effect, HyperForce!

A huge Nikola Tesla fan – huge – Hutchison says he discovered a bunch of really cool crap in 1979, like:

  • levitation of heavy objects
  • fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood, while lacking any displacement
  • the anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material
  • the spontaneous fracturing of metals
  • changes in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals
  • disappearance of metal samples

Wiki data:

Researchers at NASA and the Max Planck Institute have attempted to reproduce some of Hutchison’s experiments, but that so far none has succeeded. Even Hutchison himself can’t do it. Hutchison claims that this is due to the destruction of his lab by the military, or because he has been otherwise prevented legally by the government from repeating his experiments.

It Gets Weirder

Hutchison later accused the military of coercing the Canadian government into seizing his lab so that it could be passed on to Lockheed Martin Skunk Works for research purposes. Nick Cook, a journalist and author, wrote that this had been confirmed by a high-ranking friend of his in Skunk Works.

Boyd Bushman, retired Lockheed Martin senior engineer, later confirmed this in an interview in Nick Cook’s book The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology.

One set of videos posted to an antigravity website shows closeups of a toy UFO bouncing around, and then shots of the toy gyrating wildly in the air. When it was pointed out that the movement of the toy was consistent with being supported by a string, and a moving wire or string could be seen in the video, Hutchison claimed it was a power supply:

The string is not string but #32-gauge double polythermalized wire on a takeup up reel with 20 to 50000 volts DC. The main apparatus was turned on, causing the toy plastic ufo to fly all about in amazing gyrations. This was a pretest to Gryphon Productions airing this fall for fox TV. I did not need the extra high voltage 2000 time period so the toy levitated without a high voltage hook up during the filming for Gryphon there was a string on the toy no high-voltage dc but interesting movements.

Did you get all that? Or did your eyes glaze over? Well, then, you’ve just witnessed the Hutchison Effect!

By the way, ladies – do you want to experience the Hutchison Effect first-hand? Check out his MySpace!

Do you want to know more?
Try the web site hutchisoneffect.ca. quotes :

Some theorists think the Hutchison effect is the result of opposing electromagnetic fields cancelling each other out, creating a powerful flow of space energy. The Canadian government also reported invisible samples phasing in and out of existence….Many different political factors ensured Hutchison would not be allowed to continue in his research unless he signed agreements with either the Canadian government or the U.S. military. He refused. During one of John’s overseas trips to Germany, the Canadian government seized the opportunity to aquire all of John’s priceless replacations of Nikola Tesla’s equipment by paying off his “partner” George Liscazis upwards of 70 million dollars and creating a false PCB scandal so they could use the local press to justify their actions and hide the true nature of what the government was actually removing from John’s Lab located at 13th and Kingsway, Vancouver B.C.,,,Hutchison returned to Vancouver in 1991. Piece by piece, he built out of surplus Navy equipment what now has become something of a landmark in New Westminster, British Colombia. John has built himself an apartment laboratory second to none.

Hutchison Effect

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