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Guy On Bus Gets Ass Whupped By Epic Beard Man

posted by Chris Valentine

Epic Beard Man Cartoon

Tyrone versus Epic Beard Man

Here’s what we can make out from the video making rounds on YouTube of Epic Beard Man:

There was some miscommunication where the black guy thought the white guy (aka Epic Beard Man aka Tom Slick) wanted him to shine his shoes. It’s difficult to tell because of the low quality audio and the road noise. Anyway, the older guy walks to the front of the bus and the other guy follows him. Then Epic Beard Man makes a comment about “slapping the shit” out of the dude; black guy comes back and throws a half-hearted punch. That was all she wrote; Epic Beard Man lets loose with a barrage of punches that he would later say was worthy of Mohammed Ali.

We wonder if the woman who said “Whip his ass! Beat his white ass!” still felt that way after the Epic Beard Man victory. We hope the ambulance was brung, anyway. That poor guy was bleeding all over the bus. We love how the white girl with headphones hardly reacts, lost in her own little world. That’s what you gotta do if you are going to ride public transit these days.

So, is this video a commentary on race relations, a commentary on relations between the older and younger generations, or just two crazy dudes fighting on a bus?

Here’s the Mortal Kombat version where you can pit Tyrone against Epic Beard Man.

Truly epic. Thanks to Z for the linky-link.

Oh, here’s an interview with EBM (Tom):

Epic Beard Man Flawless Victory

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