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Odd Video: India Live Fish Swallowing Cures Asthma

posted by Chris Valentine

In Hyderabad, India, two brothers have possibly figured out a way to cure people’s asthma. The remedy? Having the sufferers swallow a live fish, filled with a special concoction.

Goud Fish Cure for Asthma


At the begin inning of the monsoon season, hundreds of thousands of people line up to receive this free treatment from the Goud brothers, who say that the remedy is a closely guarded secret (received from a Hindu saint). They have been dispensing the medicine for yearly 50 years. Basically, a special yellow mixture is put together and forced into the mouth of a live murrel or sardine, which is then swallowed by the person afflicted with asthma. If the person then goes on a specified 45-day diet, a 100% cure is guaranteed, says Harinath Goud.

India Live Fish Swallowing Cures Asthma

It is said that the EPA in fish oil may be the reason for the cure; others say it’s just a placebo effect. Watch the video here, and decide for yourself!

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