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Dale Peterson Political Ads, Dummy! (Video)

posted by Chris Valentine

It’s time to watch some Dale Peterson political ads, dummy!

Dale Peterson

Dale Peterson is my hero! He enters the political race for Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture with a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, shoot-all-the-illegals attitude! Whoo!

Here’s what his website says:

The only reason I became a candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries in the first place was to help make Alabama a better place for the people. As Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, there was so much my team and I could have done for agriculture and the people of Alabama.

Dale didn’t win, but he did get people talking about his awesome campaign ad.

So now John McMillan is in the runoff for Alabama’s “Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries” and Dale is endorsing him – the best way he knows how – by doing another kick-ass ad.

Unlike his opponent, John is not tied to special interests, has not been bought off and paid off by anyone and doesn’t owe favors, at the people’s expense, to special interests who have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into his opponent’s war chest.

Dale Peterson has made it clear that he is no fan of big dummy Dorman Grace, who he calls “DIRTY to the core”. This is a REAL conservative, so don’t expect him to support another Facebook redesign. Facebook is fine the way it is, Liberals! Whatever you do, just don’t be stealin signs. Or you’ll get a whoopin from Dale Peterson and he just don’t give a rip!

Oh, and here’s an ad from Spoofy McSpooferson, who’s running for Commissioner of Guffaws and Goofballs:

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