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Belgian Underpants Museum Opens in Brussels

posted by Chris Valentine

We know what your thinking – how come there isn’t a museum for people’s underpants?

Well, relax. Cuz now there is, and it’s called the Belgian Underpants Museum, located in Brussels, Belgium.

Reuters has the story:

Belgian artist Jan Bucquoy said that framed underwear represents a utopian longing for an equal society. “If I had portrayed Hitler in his underpants there would not have been a war. I think in this way you can contribute to a better world,” Bucquoy told Reuters. “If you are scared of someone, just imagine them in their underpants. The hierarchy will fall and you will see that this is a guy like any other. We are all equal, all brothers.”

<em>Bucquoy displays a photo of France's President Nicolas Sarkozy wearing a pair of striped underpants on his head</em>

Bucquoy displays a photo of France's President Nicolas Sarkozy wearing a pair of striped underpants on his head

The Musee du Slip (aka “underpants museum”) features framed underwear donated by mostly Belgian artists, singers and politicians. Each pair comes with a certificate of authenticity and must have been worn at least once by the donor.

We love this quote:

“When you buy a Picasso or a Van Gogh for 50 million, in the end it is only a bit of oil paint, not that well painted. In the case of van Gogh too yellow and in the case of Picasso, women with three eyes and two noses. Why would you pay 50 million for that?,” Bucquoy said.

Indeed! Picasso is way, way overrated. More underwear art, please!

Underpants Museum

“I want to create poetry with everyday things by putting them in a different context. I say underpants are art, put them in a frame and create a new way of looking at the world, ” Bucquoy said.

How can you argue with a dude who says underpants are art? We certainly can’t! If only Hitler had his underwear displayed over his head, he wouldn’t have killed millions. Same with Stalin. But please… please don’t portray President Obama with his boxers on his head. Because we want America to succeed. Portraying Obama with underwear would bring down the administration and further destroy our economy.

Anyway, we are very happy about the Belgian Underpants Museum, because it solves the unknown step in the Underpants Gnomes corporate process!! As you recall:

It’s obvious now that the three step process is:

Step 1: Collect Underpants
Step 2: Open Underpants Museum in Brussels
Step 3: Profit!

Musee du Slip

Entrance to Musee du Slip - Not Quite the Louvre...

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