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My Big Fat Redneck Wedding

posted by Chris Valentine

This comes out of Auburndale, Florida. It’s in Polk County, and you know how much people like to party in Polk!

Kathy and George (Gator) are from Auburndale, Fla. For 14 years, these two have been in love and playing house with her six kids. Now they are making it official at a mud bog. Family and friends join together to make this occasion a day to remember for these two. They’ve got a cake replica of the bog, a hubcap covered golf cart and some interesting outfits for Gator and his groomsmen. And mud. Lots and lots of mud.


More at CMT

Here’s another clip about a Tennessee couple on CMT’s show “My Big Redneck Wedding”:

A brand new pink shotgun! That sure is purty!

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