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Nogger Black

posted by Chris Valentine

Nogger Black

Source: The Local

Sweden’s biggest ice cream maker, GB Glace (a Unilever company), has been accused of racism after launching an advertising campaign for its new ice cream, Nogger Black. The company has been criticized by the Center Against Racism for associating the ice cream with black youth culture, including using graffiti-style writing in the ad. The ad itself features a heart drawn in white on a black background with the words “Nogger + liquorice = true” inside.

Stig Wallin, the guy who chairs the Center Against Racism, by his own admission, immediately read “Nigger + liquorice = true”. The company countered that the original ice cream called Nogger has been around since ’79. The name “nogger” comes from the nougat filling.

Adland has more about this story.

Swedish Ad for Nogger Black

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