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Kentucky Man Forced To Eat His Own Beard

posted by Chris Valentine

Last May, Harvey Westmoreland’s beard was cut off, stuffed in his mouth, and he was ordered to eat it. And it had something to do with a lawnmower.

Former friends of Harvey – James Hill and Troy Holt – have been charged with the assault.

Harvey was charging Troy $250 to buy his lawnmower but he had only paid $20 for it. Accused to trying to cheat him, Harvey and his brother were attacked.

Southern style.

Another funny aspect to this story is the dramatic way LEX18 (Lexington, Ky – NBC) tells it. Not to mention that it’s a LEX18 Big Story!!

Lex 18 Big Story

This story is HUGE

LEX18 gets all the good scoops!

Thanks to Jeff for the link.

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