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Employees of Dominos Pizza in Conover, NC Play With Food

posted by Chris Valentine
<em>Employees of the Month</em>

Employees of the Month

Kristy Hammonds, 31, and Michael Setzer, 32, were fired from a Conover branch of Dominos in North Carolina and have been charged with distributing prohibited foods after the footage of a man who appears to be Setzer passing wind on a sandwich and shoving cheese up his nostril was posted on YouTube.

“In about five minutes it’ll be sent out on delivery where somebody will be eating these, yes, eating them, and little did they know that cheese was in his nose and that there was some lethal gas that ended up on their salami.”

The Dominos Pizza in Conover, NC

Here’s the prez Patrick Doyle:

“There is nothing more important or sacred to us than our customers trust. “It sickens me that the acts of two individuals could impact our great system.”

Here are the original videos, courtesy of LiveLeak:

OddCulture is not surprised at the shenanigans and horsin’ off that goes on at fast food “restaurants”. In fact, we believe that all fast food joints operate in this manner, which is why we would never be caught dead at any of them. Except for In-and-Out Burger. that place rocks!

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