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Odd Safety Training Videos

posted by Chris Valentine

It can be very dangerous out there in the workplace. You must be careful. But sometimes, people are really dumb and can’t take the hint. Therefore, they must be hit over the head with gory and frightening safety training videos and commercial PSAs.

Take these few odd safety training videos from Canada:

We predict she won’t be in tomorrow.

Here’s a construction guy who wants to go on vacation with his family:

Better sell those tickets to Disney World. You’ll need the money for the coffin.

This next one is one of the weirdest police training videos we have ever seen. There is really funny stuff in it (thanks, EiT):

Classic lines in that.. “Sometimes a razor is there… to guard those boundaries!” “This represents imminent danger for sure!” and “What he’s telling you is: don’t invade my space, or I’ll attack you!”

Let’s clear the palette and show you an odd safety training video from Virgin America. It has funny animation and the narrator has this soothing, calm voice, which should be helpful when the plane takes a nosedive.

And now, back to the Not Safe For Work stuff!

Here’s a recently unearthed training video entitled Will You Be Here Tomorrow? We think everyone knows the answer to that.

That was better than all the Saw and Final Destination movies put together!

The following spoof is a German short film entitled Staplerfahrer Klaus and it’s funny in an Evil Dead sorta way. You don’t need to understand German to enjoy it (warning: it’s extremely gross – and funny):

Hey….. let’s be careful out there!

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