Am I Drinking Tea Correctly?

posted by Chris Valentine

If there is one thing that the British know how to do well, it is drink tea. For time immemorial, the inhabitants of the infamously cold and wet British Isles have made a habit of punctuating their days with cups of tea.

For those that have visited the United Kingdom or spent any time among Brits, it may not surprise you to hear that there vast swathes of the British population that drink tea as a replacement for water. But it is how they drink the hot drink that is most unusual for many. There exists a certain way that tea must be made and an etiquette that should be followed to a cup of tea to be perfect. Present a British person with a cup of tea which breaks from these cultural norms, and you are likely to be met with a degree of scorn.

To help those of us who are not in the know but would like to learn how to make that oh-so-quintessential British cup of tea, never fear — the Great British guide to afternoon tea is here to get you up to scratch with the institution that is British #TeaTimeEtiquette.

The guide will take you through all the dos and don’ts when it comes to making tea, such as the faux pas of putting the milk in with the teabag before the water or the treasonous act of not putting any milk in at all. It will also give you a walkthrough when it comes to how long you should leave the teabag in to brew and whether or not it is acceptable to sweeten your cup with four or five spoons of sugar (a clue: it isn’t!).

In addition, the Great British guide to afternoon tea has information on all other aspects of tea etiquette, which, carefully collated from an opinion poll taken to gauge the opinions and habits of over 1,000 Brits, will have you sipping tea from china cups with your pinkie finger pointing out at just the same angle as Her Majesty the Queen in no time.

The guide also includes the expert opinion of tea specialists to take you through all the possible cakes, scones and pastries that make great accompaniments to a delicious cup of tea. Not only this, but you will be given an in-depth run-through of all the different types of teas, their tastes and properties, and the cultural and historical norms and traditions which surround each variety.

All in all, the Great British guide to afternoon tea is the perfect tool for those who want to drink tea the “proper” way. There is no better source of information on how to make the perfect “cuppa” and how it should be drunk. Click on the link to find out more about the British institution of tea time today!

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