2 Types Of Unexpected Expenses And How To Plan For Them

posted by Chris Valentine

Curveballs are synonymous with life. You can design intricate,  well-thought-out plans for the future only for you to face an entirely different outcome. When it comes to personal finances, this is a scenario that resonates with most. 

You spend enough time to create a budget down to the last penny. But then something happens and throws it off. A house maintenance emergency, an issue with your car, a medical emergency, name it. 

As frustrating as this can be, you have to deal with it. Here are two common unexpected expenses, how to avoid them and how to manage them. 

1. Medical Emergencies

A medical emergency can hit you from the blue. One day you are okay going about life, and the next day you are being rushed to the hospital for urgent care. 

When all this is happening, you’re likely stressing over your health and how much treatment will set you back financially. At times, you are worried about where to get the cash to settle the bills. 

The first protection against this is an excellent medical cover. The other is taking excellent care of your health by resting, eating right, and working out regularly. At times, however, you will still fall sick or suffer an injury despite your best efforts. When this happens, consider starting to search for a payday loan in Montreal.

Another preventative measure is regular screening. By getting regular health checkups, you increase the chances of catching any health problems early. This gives better chances of early resolution, which tends to be cheaper. 

2. Car Breakdowns

Your regular, trustworthy companion can one day leave you stranded out of the blue. Granted, your car has regular costs you can budget for, like regular service and replacement of spark plugs, tires, and so on. 

However, some car problems will sneak up on you. One of the things you can do is to have a kitty for your car. This cash should only be used to manage emergency problems. The other is to ensure proper care and proper service and maintenance of the vehicle. 

Another viable option is to have a good rapport with your mechanic. If you become a regular, trusted client, your mechanic is likely to feel comfortable advancing you credit facilities. This means you can have your car fixed, and you can make the payment later on. 

Establish an Emergency Fund

Unexpected expenses will crop up despite your best efforts. This is a given. What’s worse is that they can really throw you off and disrupt your entire life. 

One thing that you should consider doing is setting up an emergency kitty. Ideally, have a separate account for this, aside from your current account. Once it’s set up, ensure not to touch this money for recurring expenses and luxuries and use it exclusively for emergencies. 

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