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Importance of Professional Medical Translators

posted by Chris Valentine

Just like in any other sector, the need to provide localised and personalised content is increasing especially in the medical field.

As a result of developments in technology, many people are living in foreign countries as expats. Also, many people are finding themselves traveling to other countries in search of better treatment options.

This has led to a growing demand for medical translations as a way of curbing the problem of language barrier.

Medical translation is the process of having documents such as drug data sheets, training materials, medical bulletins and general medical information translated into various languages in order to meet the need of the patients.

The need for professional medical translations cannot be over emphasised. Keep in mind that the smallest of mistakes can lead to a whole new meaning which can be disastrous in some instances.

Today, we are seeing a lot of pharmaceutical products being shipped from developed countries into the developing ones and vice versa.

Now, just imagine what a simple mistake such as warning on allergies or even medication dosage can do.

It is therefore of paramount importance for medical companies and pharmaceutical firms to engage expert professional linguists in their translations.

Importance of Medical Translations

  • Patients are given their right to be fully informed concerning any procedure that they may have to undergo.
  • No room for misunderstanding is left especially when patients are communicating with their doctors.
  • Not having the risk of being sued for misinforming the patients, doctors feel more confident and comfortable when doing their job.
  • Patients are also guaranteed of getting the right and proper treatment for their medical conditions.

In healthcare translations, getting a certified translation from a professional translator should not be negotiable.

The use of professional medical translations can help avoid life threatening mistakes such as;

  • Patients refusing treatment if they do not understand information written in the consent form.
  • Wrong medical treatment as a result of wrong diagnosis.
  • Death, especially if doctors fail to understand the severity of a patient’s condition.

When choosing a professional medical translator, every doctor should look out for the following;

Qualities of a Professional Medical Translator

  • Should have excellent knowledge in the language he is translating from as well as the language he is translating into.
  • Should have knowledge of medical terms and their meanings as well as knowledge in anatomy and physiology.
  • Should fully understand the many concepts surrounding healthcare.
  • Should have a deeper understanding of the various cultures found in different countries.
  • Should possess excellent writing skills in the languages they are working on.
  • Should also have access to medical terminology for both translating languages.
  • Should possess excellent reading skills, deep knowledge in matters medicine and strong research analytical skills.

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