Tips on Finding The Best Place to Buy Investment Properties 

posted by Chris Valentine

Buying a property as an investment offers an array of benefits which other investments do not and it is a very popular approach to investment for this very reason. Buying property offers a tangible investment into an industry which is nowhere near as volatile as so many other areas of investment. Real estate is also a market which is much easier for many to understand and there can also be a number of tax benefits in buying and owning property. If you are ready to invest you’ll likely have been wondering about the best place to buy investment properties, and here are some tips to help you decide. 


Keeping an eye on real estate trends is a great way to help you find the right place to invest, as well as helping you to decipher which property-type you should be looking to buy. The key factor here is to understand what level of supply and demand there is for rental properties in certain areas, after all there is little point in purchasing a property which is going to be difficult for you to rent out.  A buyer’s market makes the most sense for people looking to buy an investment property as you can secure lower prices. 

Real Estate Market Indicators

In order to secure the best property you also have to think about the bigger picture and focus on some real estate market indicators which will bolster your investment. For example if there is rapid job growth in a certain area then this could be a positive indicator, so too is population growth in certain areas. You should be focusing on projects and business or governmental investment which has been made in certain areas, and use any kind of growth in these areas as an indicator of a strong investment opportunity. 

Type of Property  

Something else which should drive your decision here is the type of property which you plan to invest in. Some look to try and buy multi-functional properties but in reality you are far better to focus on one form of usage for the property. For example single family homes can be a great place to get started with easy upkeep and the possibility of a long-stay tenant. 

Don’t Discount Damage 

Buying a dilapidated property can present a great investment opportunity if you have some capital to inject and the infrastructure to fix the property up. Some people will look to flip these properties by giving it some much needed attention and then selling it on for a small profit, but there can also be a long term strategy here. Auctions are a great place to find properties which have become damaged or abandoned, and if the price is right you may be able to make a very smart investment. Naturally you will have to understand what to do with the property to make it profitable, and you’ll also need the funds to invest in repair and design work being undertaken. 

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