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9 of the Best Long-Lasting Temporary Tattoos

posted by Chris Valentine

Tattoos are an amazing way to show off your personality, what you’ve been through, and what inspires you.

It’s always a big decision, regardless of whether you want to eventually be tatted up like a walking coloring book or just have 1 to 2 small tattoos with significant meaning.

Getting a permanent one means that you’re repping it for the rest of your life.

If you aren’t ready for that level of commitment just yet, you also have long-lasting temporary tattoos as an option.

Here are some of the best long-lasting tattoo ideas to help you get your fix and join the league of tattoos!

9 Long-Lasting Temporary Tattoos to Consider

Even if you don’t end up choosing one of these, they’ll at least get you brainstorming on different ideas.

1. Inked By Dani

Looking for something simple, yet organic, for your tattoo collection?

If so, check out Inked By Dani for tattoos that cover many different bases.

You can choose from realistic-looking tattoos, celebrity tattoos, travel-related tattoos, and so much more!

This brand gives you plenty of options to show off your personality.

2. Tattly

How disappointing would it be to spend the necessary time picking out a temporary tattoo, buying it, and applying it just to have it wear off with one trip to the beach?

Talk about frustrating!

Tattly can help you avoid that with their waterproof temporary tattoos that fade naturally with time.

Another great perk of that, the longer they last and the more they fade, the more they look like faded-in permanent tattoos!

3. Litographs

If you’re an avid reader, then you’re going to love Litographs temporary tattoos.

Their site allows you to choose from combing through the classics such as The Princess Bride and The Great Gatsby to find a line that resonates with you.

Several choices to choose from, and each one will show off a different side to your love of reading.

Being a tattoo-loving bookworm has never been so rewarding!

4. Tattapic

Do you already have an idea of the tattoo you want and a pdf to prove it?

Perfect! Then Tattapic can help you bring that picture to life and make it into an arm tattoo.

Simply download the pdf of a picture you’re wanting to be tattooed, let the designers know what tweaks you want to be done to it, and they’ll create AND ship it out the next day… talk about efficiency!

Now you can take your fanatical Harry Potter addiction to a whole new level by sticking an HP symbol or two on your body.

Careful though, the photo you choose will cast a “Revelio” spell on who you really are!

5. Tattify

Should you be in the early stages of figuring out which temporary tattoo you want and are having trouble coming up with one, Tattify can help clear that up.

In what’s possibly the largest selection, Tattify gives you a virtual library to choose from.

Think of any tattoo you’ve considered getting before and this site more than likely has a variation of it!

6. Momentary Ink

Are you excited about the thought of temporary tattoos but afraid they’ll look too fake?

Momentary Ink’s claim to fame is making your temporary tattoo look as real as possible with their “real teal” solutions.

Their selection is fantastic and there are several running promotions to grab yourself a deal!

They also have a really cool element to their site where you can buy semi-permanent ink and freehand a tattoo that you’re interested in drawing.

While that may take significant skill, if you or your friend have superior Henna-drawing abilities, you can show them off!

7. Tattoorary

Looking to make a portion of your body the canvas for which to paint on a beautiful piece of designed art?

If so, you’re in luck because Tattoorary can help you make it happen!

Whether you’re looking for floral tattoos, small tattoos, couple tattoos, or something relating to the sea, you’ll be looking mighty fine with these choices.

There’s even a fun mystery box you can buy if you like to spice it up a little bit!

8. Flash Tattoos

Who doesn’t want to put a bit of “flash” and “pizazz” into their lives?

Now you can do so with temporary tattoos by Flash Tattoos, which accentuate the beauty and perfectly accent your style.

Have you always looked for inspiration from the Queen Bee herself, Beyonce? Well, don’t faint, but they have a Beyonce collaboration collection for you to pick from!

No reason to worry about the legitimacy of this brand, many celebrities use and swear by them.

9. Tainted Tats

If your next (or first) temporary tattoo purchase is merely to serve as a “trial run” for getting a permanent tattoo, then Tainted Tats are the perfect guinea pig.

Tainted Tats products not only look realistic but also lay on your skin as close to a real tattoo as possible.

They have a wide range of off-the-wall tattoos and pride themselves on being the outspoken temporary tattoos on the market.

Not a lot of beating around the bush with this brand, they’ll have you looking ready to fight the machine and take on the word. Perfect for anyone looking to make a statement with their temporary tattoos!

Start Your Tattoo Journey!

Long-lasting temporary tattoos can be a great way to test out things like where you’d like a tattoo, what designs you’re interested in, etc.

Let these temporary tattoo brands be your “initiation” into the tattoo world.

Happy tattooing! Remember that even if you don’t like the way these tattoos turn out, you can always take them off.

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