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6 Accessories No Drummer Should Live Without

posted by Chris Valentine

A drummer’s necessary arsenal should include a complete drum kit with cymbals, drumsticks, and noise canceling headphones. But how about all the accessories that a drummer needs? There are several of them that should be counted as a necessity, as well. Here is a comprehensive list.

A stick holder for keeping your sticks safe

Where do you place your sticks whenever you take a break? If you’re looking around, feeling a bit disoriented, that may happen because you don’t have a stick holder at hand. This simple device can be attached to any cymbal and will allow you to keep your sticks safe from harm when you are on stage or just rehearsing.

A high-quality recorder for perfect practice sessions

How can you tell if your ability to play the drums has progressed or not? A simple way would be to record yourself while playing and listening to your performance afterward. However, if the recorder you use is not capable of excellent sound quality, you will not be able to gauge the differences in how you progress while practicing. Good advice would be to opt for a high-quality model to avoid such mishaps.

Drum bags for easy transportation

Not only your sticks need to be kept away from harm, especially when you are traveling for a gig, but your entire drum kit should benefit from some way of protection. The best thing you can do is to opt for a set of drum bags that will allow you to pack all the components of your drum kit individually, to avoid damage during transportation.

A metronome to keep the rhythm

Proper timing is essential for any drummer. That is why the next item on the list is a metronome. The best ones come equipped with multiple functionalities, and they allow you to perfect your skill in more ways than one.

A bass drum mic to amplify the sound

Drums are all about bass and power, and if you notice that the sound of the bass drum gets drowned in the ones made by the rest of the drum kit components, then it is the right moment to purchase a unique type of microphone. This type of mike will be able to amplify the sound from your bass drum and make the entire musical arrangement sound more powerful, as well as more harmonious.

A drum rug to avoid unpleasant accidents

No matter how sturdy is your drum kit, when in the heat of hitting the drums, you may cause some components of your equipment to become displaced. Your drums are not safe from slippage, and, even when you go perform on a stage, it is never a bad idea to take along with you a drum rug. Place this on the stage first and then the rest of your drum kit, and you will feel more confident that no unpleasant accidents will take place.

There can be other accessories you might consider useful, and this list will get you started. Check the usefulness rating of each accessory that is offered on the market, and you will know what to choose.

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