The Many Benefits of Using SIPs

posted by Chris Valentine

SIPs or structural insulated panels are gaining popularity because of their economic benefits. People save money by shifting to these panels. Apart from the economic benefits, the panels are also of top quality. If you consider buying them now, they are worth the cost.

Faster construction

When using these panels, you are guaranteed to finish everything in no time. You don’t need insulation crews to help. Not a lot of tools are necessary to finish the job. With the short time needed to finish construction, the chances of materials losses go down.

Superior strength

Another reason for using SIPs is their strength. Compared with a traditional frame structure, they offer more rigidity. Several international organisations have also tested the strength of the materials and found them to be reliable. They are impact resistant and are top quality.

Fire resistant

Regarding safety, you can also count on SIPs. They are non-combustible. They also don’t emit flames or smoke. The panel has a thermal barrier to which protects both the interior and exterior.

Protection against mould

One of the problems with other panels is that mould easily grows on them. When you choose SIPs, you won’t need to worry about the possible damage due to mould. Besides being annoying, mould also poses serious health risks. Therefore, you need to eliminate it, and using these panels is a good idea.


The use of these panels helps reduce lumber waste. The panels are also non-poisonous, making them the most environmentally responsible option. Overall, it helps in reducing greenhouse emissions which helps combat the effects of climate change.

Perfect for winter

Since it is easy to install these panels, they are perfect for construction even during winter. It is not expensive to construct with them regardless of the time of the year. Curing and cribbing of the basement walls are also not necessary in the process.

The interlocks are tight

The panels used are interlocking. It means that they are in proper place. Water can’t easily penetrate, and it is also the reason why mould cannot form.

Additional support is not necessary

With these panels, there is no need for additional support. The materials are strong enough to stand on their own. You also need not spend money to buy extra materials.

Give them a try

Given the many benefits of SIPs, they are worth trying. Since they won’t cost you a lot, you can start the process now. Conduct enquiries first and consult experts about the use of these panels. You also need to take a look at laws regarding the use of panels. Some places require the use of eco-friendly materials. If you feel like they are perfect for you, start using them.

You can order the panels online if you want them to be at an affordable cost. In no time, you will receive the panels, and they are ready for installation. You will immediately notice the difference after the first few days of use.

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