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Hip Hop Pioneer Mr. Magic: Rest In Peace

posted by Chris Valentine


Hip Hop old school legend Mr. Magic sadly passed away today. (October 2, 2009)

John “Mr. Magic” Rivas has died from a heart attack. Mr. Magic hosted what is generally recognized as the world’s first successful rap-only radio mix show beginning in 1982 on New York City’s WBLS-FM. Among other things, Mr. Magic’s show introduced the world to his co-host Marley Marl, who would soon be recognized as one of the genre’s most talented producers.


DJ Easy Lee on Mr. Magic:

He gets props kind of for discovering Whodini. He really broke a lot of rappers records, because there really wasn’t any radio station in those days playing pure rap. He also would give a lot of other d.j.s the opportunity to come on his show and play. Or if he was high lighting a record he would bring that artist on. You wanted Mr. Magic to play your record on his station, because all the heads across the tri area in the 5 boroughs was listening to Mr. Magic. So from that point of view you got to take your hat off and give it to him. Then because of his radio station popularity he started doing a lot of shows out side, just hosting s—. Then when he did that he always bought a rap group with him. So he was a trail blazer.

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