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Bad Boys – Inspector Gadget Rap Record

posted by Chris Valentine

There’s this song that I taped off the radio, back in 1985/86, when I was around 12 years old. I think it was from 98.7 KISS FM, in NYC. Anyway, the song used the theme from Inspector Gadget liberally. It was also filled with raps, beatboxing, and cool beats. I played it alot… but then I lost the tape sometime after my family moved to Florida.

Starlite Records Logo

All these years I’ve been searching for the song, unable to locate it. Naturally, I would type “Inspector Gadget rap” into Google or YouTube, or some similar phrase, and I would always get “Inspector Gadget” by the Kartoon Krew at the top of the results. While the Kartoon Krew version is an amusing tune, it was definitely not the song I remembered.

After awhile I figured I must have made the damn thing up. Maybe the song never existed? But now, after 26 years, I finally found it – it’s Bad Boys featuring K-Love, off Starlite Records from 1985.

I didn’t even know they had a video for the song, but they did. Here it is:

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, another piece of my childhood has been recovered. After reminiscing, I looked further into Starlite Records. Discogs was a big help, as always.

Starlite was located in Westbury, N.Y. Discog lists their first 12″ release as “No News Is News” by Kreamcicle with Paula Anderson on vocals. The song made the rounds on WRKS and WBLS back in ’83.

1984 saw the release of old school singles from Razzamatazz, Exquisite Taste, Chuck Stanley, and Paula Anderson. In 1985, Anthony Dick and Betty Boo formed Bad Boys and released their self-titled track along with K-Love.

You can get the Bad Boys song from the compilation Hip-Hop From The Top: Part 3.

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KevG January 13, 2016 at 4:13 am

Pretty much the same exact thing happened to me.. When I was 12 (in 1985), this Latino kid gave me a cassette and told me that I needed to start listening to GOOD music.. THIS song was on the tape but their were no song titles on it.. Most of it was UTFO, Run-DMC, Whodini, a pre-LTI Beastie Boys song, etc.. About 6 years ago (2010-ish I guess) I was listening to an old hip hop compilation online called “Street Jams: Hip-Hop From The Top Part 3” and this was on it.. I still have the cassette from 1985 and I am listening to it now.. Trying to ID the whole tape so I can MP3 it and I looked the song up again… and found this video on here.. This is great… Thanks for posting… – KevG Boston, MA


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