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Why Electronic Drum Set Easy to Play Than an Acoustic Drum?

posted by Chris Valentine

With the rapid development in technology in those recent days, people are trying to acquire most of their skills in an easier and convenient way other than the conventional or harder way even if it was once the only source to learn for the learners in the past. However in a broader way, things have become quite simplified and sorted out with those electronic ages as a result the same result which once used to take ages by the learners can be achieved within a shorter period.

The same follows the drum sets as well. Conventional or acoustic drum sets are now being totally outdated due to the emerging of the advanced features and latest options in the electronic drum sets. No matter whether a beginner or a professional, these extended advanced features will surely give a kick start in their passion from all aspects better than the acoustic ones. However, buying these electronic kits will also cost an inch of your savings too, and thus considering the essential factors and following the buying guide from electronicdrumguy can be extremely helpful.

Some key factors that make the electronic drum set easy to play

  • Build/Efforts required to play the drums: –

Unlike the acoustic drum set that used to have a massive drum head and a traditional wooden drum stick that used to drain stamina of the drummers soon, the electronic kit comes with rubber drum pads. These pads are well-engineered and built in a way such that the required beat can be produced with minimum efforts required. This feature is quite favorable for beginners when they have to go through continuous practice sessions.

  • Volume control while practicing

Low or zero volume regulation from the drum pad is quite an incredible feature that totally lacks in the acoustic ones. With the modern electronic kit, one can practice anywhere at any time without causing any kind of inconvenience to the people around with the volume regulator.

  • MIDI samples and no need for tuning

Tuning was one of the irritable headaches to the drummers in the past those who were using the acoustic ones as before every session they used to tune the drum by sliding the wooden bars tied to the ropes that hold the drum head tightly. With the modern kits and the availability of MIDI samples one can easily get into serious practice session without any lengthy pre tuning procedure.

  • Versatile sounds

This feature makes the electronic kits way superior to the acoustic ones as they can even produce the traditional acoustic sounds too by use of the drum machines and modules to sync different instruments. Live music performance uses these advanced features to entertain the audience with unique sounds in hip hop, jazz, pop and rock sounds.

  • Recording and tutoring samples

Being a beginner one needs to understand the kit from the core which is quite harder in the acoustic ones without the presence of physical tutors. On the other hand the tutoring sample that comes built-in those advanced kits and the option for recording the newly made music can be helpful in developing and practicing them from time to time.

In addition to all these incredible features, availability of audio jack option, compatibility, and a lot more tweaks makes it the best drum set when compared to the acoustic ones.

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