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Roger Federer gives special Mother’s Day tribute to a Covid19 nurses

posted by Chris Valentine

Roger Federer has proved time and time again he is the GOAT not only on court but off-court as well. In another effort to bring smiles to his fans and frontline workers fighting against the Covid19 pandemic, Federer surprised a New York based frontline nurse with a heartfelt message.

In a video interview with ESPN, Christianne Calderon, a critical care nurse practitioner at the NewYork – Presbyterian Hospital, spoke about the struggle she has faced working at the frontline. Calderon, a mother of two has been working overnight to help save lives along with her colleagues. Calderon is a tennis player herself explaining how she survives such situations in the treatment room, by stating that she tends to compare her mentality to that of an athlete. In an effort to pay gratitude to the doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, caregivers and all those selfless workers who are risking their own lives for the safety of others, ESPN compiled the video which showed how challenging a time it has been for these frontline workers. New York has been the epicenter of the virus in the US, witnessing over 21,000 deaths.

As Calderon continued her interview with ESPN broadcaster Tom Rinaldi, to her utter surprise, Roger Federer joined the link, and she undoubtedly went speechless. Federer made a brief appearance, sharing a heartfelt Mother’s Day message for her and all the nurses worldwide.

He said: “People think we, the athletes, are superheroes. But we think the same about somebody like you, Christianne. You are the hero because you actually do save lives. You actually do make that difference.”

Calderon was one lucky fan that day who thanked Federer for his message and praised his humility. Adding to her happiness, she was then greeted by former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who also took the time to hail her efforts on Mother’s Day. He said: “I’d like to be amongst the first to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. And a sincere thank you for being on the frontline, for your work, your commitment, your selflessness and I think those describe what a hero is.”

The more we say, the less it is. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for saving us. Strength and prayers to your families and relatives. We are proud that our heroes wear masks, and we should be doing our bit too!

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