Protect Your Reputation With Online Voicemail as a Complaint Center

posted by Chris Valentine

In the era of social media, it’s straightforward for your online reputation to take a hit. Although you may think that people immediately rant online for poor service rather than first reaching out to the business, this is not true.

They will try to contact the company first. However, frustration comes in when they can’t speak to an agent right away, or they might be getting the runarounds. And the customers start to vent it out in social media.

This spot is where an Online Voicemail service can help you. By making the virtual voicemail as your default customer complaint and feedback hub, you are assured that all grievances will be addressed before they get out of hand.

According to the research “Customer Experience for Executives,” 13% of customers will tell 15 other people or more if they are unhappy with a particular company. Meanwhile, a majority of customers who are happy with the company will only tell six people.

That means terrible news typically spread faster compared to the good news. In the end, your online reputation will suffer, and that’s usually a costly proposition.

You don’t want to go viral for all the wrong reasons. While it’s not impossible to repair your online reputation after a particularly bad review, it will take weeks and set you back a few hundred or thousand in PR work.

How an Online Voicemail Service Benefits Your Business

  1. No Problem Goes Unresolved — If you nip the problem in the bud at source, you won’t worry about your customers going to Facebook or Twitter to vent out their anger. That way, you can protect your online reputation and save money as a result.

  1. Reinforce your brand — Instead of your customers complaining, you can reinforce your brand as they will praise you on their social media feed. It’s much more likely that they will applaud your efforts to resolve their problems and share their stories with their friends.

  1. You have your virtual assistant — An online voicemail service is your virtual assistant. The messages left on the mailbox can be transcribed to text and sent to you via email. Now, no message will be ignored, and you can address the complaints promptly.

  1. The complaint goes to the right department — One unique feature of these virtual voicemail services is that you can assign a mailbox to each of your departments. In that way, the message will go straight to the person responsible for addressing it. Again, customers are not given the runaround, and their problems go away in the shortest possible time.

  1. Assess employee performance — The history of your voicemail will get recorded correctly. You can then assess the performance of your staff in handling tickets, track the amount of time before a problem will get resolved and which issues remain unresolved, and identify the person responsible.

These are just five benefits you can enjoy if you collaborate with a company like Talkroute to deploy your virtual voicemail. Talkroute is a full-service company that can offer multiple solutions for virtual phone systems.

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