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Mariachi Band Serenading Juno The Whale

posted by Chris Valentine

People have been passing around this video of a mariachi band serenading a whale, so let’s watch it now.

The mariachi band is called Los Trovadores de America, which hails from Hartford,Connecticut. They perform throughout New England. The whale is a beluga whale named Juno, who resides at the Mystic Aquarium in CT. Beluga whales are near-threatened species of cetacea that live in Arctic waters along the coasts of Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and Russia.

Juno seems to really enjoy “Yellow Bird,” the song being played. He was there for a wedding held in front of the tank and stayed around after. That gave guitarist Eduardo Rocha the idea to serenade him. Like many belugas, Juno is very sociable and playful. He also has good taste in music.

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