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Man Wins Stuffed Banana But Loses Life Savings

posted by Chris Valentine

Henry Gribbohm goes to a carnival game and walks away with a stuffed banana (with dreadlocks!). However, he loses everything else – this would be his entire life savings of $2,600. Said Gribbohm about the game: “It’s not possible that it wasn’t rigged.”

The game, called Tubs of Fun, involved tossing balls into a tub. Gribbohm said something was causing the game to throw the balls out after he tossed them.

But you know what happens with out of control gamblers – they keep doubling down hoping to win their money back. Soon, he was out $2600.

The carnival, located in Manchester, MA, is run by Fiesta Shows based out of New Hampshire. They report that the independent contractor who runs the game never gave them any trouble before.

The traveling carnival is now setting up in Derry, NH, but the Tubs of Fun game won’t be open, since the contractor running the game is now being investigated.

Also, we think $2600 hardly qualifies as “life savings” but we do know that a stuffed banana with dreadlocks is forever.

Thanks to Jeff H for the story, which you can read at CBS Boston.

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