Location-based games that took the gaming world by storm

posted by Chris Valentine

 the gaming world by storm

Gaming stands for one of the most fun things that people do in their daily lives. Everyone from a child to an adult enjoys playing games.

Rather than hitting an empty ground, the most preferred way today is to play video games. 

We have devices that enable us to play games on-the-go. Mobile phones and tablets make it easy for us to enjoy video games.

The excitement of video games lies in the fact that we are able to experience them. 

Location-based video games have taken over the world as it helps people to connect with each other.

More people look forward to playing video games in and around their area to have more personal experience in the virtual world.

So, let us see some of the location-based video games which got popular in the whole world.

Best Location-Based Games: 

  • Pokémon Go: 

Do we need to speak a lot about this game? The game spread like a wildfire all around the world.

People were going crazy about it and they were running after the Pokémons that they liked and wanted to catch.

The game came in Android and Ios phones and it was quite interactive in nature.

People were able to play the game in their surrounding areas while walking or running. 

It was a break from the usual virtual video games that people generally play. Almost 700 million people around the world engaged in the Pokémon game

It also induced several new ideas in the market through its concept. 

  • Code Runner: 

Code Runner is a unique game which will appeal to people who find espionage and hacking to be their interest.

The game comes for iOS phones and it is a fun game that got popular all around the world. 

It is a game built around the idea of government surveillance and the ways to get out of it.

A player needs to use their intelligence while they play this game which makes it better and more interactive. 

As it is a location-based game, you will get the opportunity to engage with the other players.

By playing the game, you get to make new friends who are in the same area and find interest in the same topics. 

  • Bingo: 

Bingo is not a new game but it is a location-based game that does appeal to a lot of people.

The smooth gameplay and no age restrictions make it a fun game to play on the mobile or tablet. 

People from all around the world like to play Bingo. The United Kingdomespecially enjoys the game. 

The Bingo games are quite diverse and they often have set themes. 

One of the best things about Bingo games is that it also lets people win real money which they may use elsewhere. 

While making a choice for bingo site, it is really important that you look for diverse options. Like you should choose a site that provides free spins option. You can go for the site that provides immediate deposit option. 

  • Zombies, Run!:

Have you ever imagined what will happen if a group of zombies followed you? 

This game is the perfect way to get up-close-and-personal with zombies. A million players that play the game find it interesting and interactive as it makes them run and jog. 

Available for both iOS and Android, the game gets known as the fitness game. 

The game provides the players with missions and currently, it has about 200 of them.

The player has to fulfill the missions and get away from the zombies. 

It takes commitment and it does sound a fun way to start ones day through an early morning run away from zombies. 

  • Landlord:

This is the game for those people who find interest in being someone powerful.Currently, players engage in the game on iOS-enabled mobile phones. 

The game provides the chance to the players to become real-estate bosses. They may build buildings and collect money from them in terms of taxes. 

The game sounds fun and one gets to connect with more people through Facebook and Foursquare. Try to become a super tycoon if you play this game. 

So, here are 5 of the location-based games that became popular all over the world. 

People find them crazily interesting and still thousands of people download and play the games daily.

If you like video games, then do not forget to try these out to include something new and interesting in your life.

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