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Japanese Monkey Waiters At Kayabukiya Tavern

posted by Chris Valentine

Japanese Waiter Monkey

There’s a Japanese sake-house called the Kayabukiya Tavern, located in the city of Utsunomiya. Owned by Kaoru Otsuka, the restaurant is famous for its two pet macaque monkey waiters who take orders for drinks.

Yes, these are monkeys who are waiters.

Yat-chan (monkey #1) takes drink orders and delivers those drinks to the tables.
Fuku-chan (monkey #2) brings hot towels to the customers.

They get boiled soya beans as tips. Also, due to regulations in Japan related to animal rights, the monkey waiters can only work 2 hours a day. Otsuka wants to bring more in.

Watch these 3 videos of the monkeys of Kayabukiya Tavern below. As you can see, they are wearing creepy masks in some of them, probably in an attempt to make them more human in appearance. Instead, it’s a bit freaky.

Thanks to Brie and Ripley’s for the story!

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