Do You Consider Valentine’s Day Proposals Cheesy?

posted by Chris Valentine

Valentine’s Day is known to many as the most romantic day of the year. The holiday is the second most popular day to get engaged. While many seem to pick Valentine’s Day as the day to propose to “the one”, many others find Valentine’s Day proposals cheesy or unoriginal. Deciding to propose can be nerve wracking enough, but figuring out the right day and way to do it can be anxiety-inducing. Proposing on Valentine’s Day might actually be a great idea, but here are some dos and don’ts that can help keep this special day intimate and special and not cheesy.

  • Do choose the right ring – A key component to making a Valentine’s Day special and genuine is starting with choosing the right ring. Of course communicating with your partner and asking what style of ring they prefer is always the easy way to get an idea. However, some might want to be more inconspicuous. In that case, take a careful look at the jewelry they wear every day already and what kind of clothing they wear. Take note of the types of metals and colors they tend to gravitate towards. Another safe and cheap way to shop for a ring is to buy diamonds online and then work with your partner to create a customized setting together.
  • Do surprise her – Although Valentine’s Day is a very popular day to pop the question, you still want to keep things surprising and original. Keep things very secretive and switch up plans at the last minute on her. Proposing on Valentine’s Day not only means romance but also making sure she does not see it coming.
  • Do know what she likes – Part of creating the perfect proposal is knowing what your partner likes. Expectations for Valentine’s Day proposals can be set high and images of over-the-top proposals often pop up. A grand proposal with an orchestra and an audience might be some people’s idea of perfect, but could also be other people’s nightmare. Keep in mind the kind of person your partner is even if it might not be how you would like to propose. Something more intimate and quiet with just the two of you might be more suitable especially on such a big romantic day like Valentine’s Day.
  • Do document the moment – In today’s world of sharing and social media, posting an immediate engagement photo might seem inevitable. Do document the moment together for just the two of you to keep that moment forever. However, decide together as a couple the best time and way to share the photo on social media. Even though you might want to let the world know, your partner might want to wait until you have told your family in person.
  • Don’t be a cliche – Proposing on Valentine’s Day can lead to many cliche proposals, but it is possible to make this day original and unique to you and your partner. Don’t even focus on the day being Valentine’s Day, but instead focus on that day being the day your propose to the love of your life. Focus not on the hallmark card aspects of the holiday and instead focus on your relationship and experiences together. Consider highlighting your most meaningful moments together and incorporate them into your proposal.
  • Don’t hide the ring in food – This goes hand-in-hand with don’t be a cliché. Hiding the ring in food such a piece of cake, box of chocolate, or the bottom of a champagne glass might seem like a great way to surprise her, but it can often come across as unoriginal. Plus, these are easy ways to lose the ring and you don’t want to ruin the moment by trying to find a diamond ring. Not to mention, it can be a major choking hazard- this might sound ridiculous but it has happened.
  • Don’t have expectations – Even if she’s expecting a Valentine’s Day proposal, there is never a way to know how your partner will react when you pop the question. We have heard of reactions from crying to laughing to screaming. Chances are even if she is predicting a proposal, she won’t even know how she’s going to react when the moment comes. So, don’t expect to know how she will react because even that will be a surprise to her.

Valentine’s Day is a day for romance, but most of all it is a day to celebrate your relationship. What better way to celebrate than a proposal?

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