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Controversial Vintage Ads

posted by Chris Valentine

Take a look at these controversial vintage ads from magazines that advertised cigarettes, alcohol, vitamins, guns, and men’s ties. It’s funny to see what was perfectly acceptable back then – sticking babies and guns in the same ad, multiple counts of male chauvinism, a few racist ads, and even one that’s amusing because it has Ronald Reagan (who was a B actor back then) peddling cigarettes.

Ronald Reagan Sells Chesterfields

For each of these Vintage Ads, click the thumbnail to see a larger version. Most of these are politically incorrect, so be prepared for that.

Vintage Ad for Ketchup
Vintage Ad With Doctors and Camels
Vintage Ad for 7up
Shocking Ad For Revolvers
Racist Ad for Bourbon
Chauvinist Ad for Vitamins
Marlboro Ad Featuring Babies
Ad for Men's Tie
Vintage chauvinist ad - Cooking
General Electric Vintage Ad
Sparkling Champale Ad
Cigarette Ad from Tipalet

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