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10 Weird Coffins

posted by Chris Valentine

Our list of 10 Weird Coffins, continued:

Dr. Who Coffin/Tardis

Dr Who Coffin/Tardis

26 year old Seb Neale was a fan of Dr. Who and even looked a little bit like David Tennant. When he died, he was buried in a coffin that looked like the Tardis. The Dr. Who coffin even had a flashing blue light. At his funeral, the Dr. Who theme was played.

And the order of service card was like a glossy souvenir brochure with picture of Seb dressed as Tennant with his sonic screwdriver. More than 200 mourners were greeted with words: ‘I’m a time lord … I’m not a human being. I walk in eternity.’ Instead of readings from the scriptures, the service used original scripts from classic Dr Who episodes.

Source: Daily Mail

Trash Bin Coffin

Trash Bin Coffin

Another entry from Crazy Coffins, this trash bin coffin was on display at the London Death Festival earlier this year. We’re not sure why anyone would want to be buried in a trash bin, however. It seems slightly disrespectful.

Sports Bag Coffin

Sports Bag Coffin

Interesting sports bag/duffel bag coffin that probably shouldn’t be shipped at the airport like regular checked-in luggage. The screeners would be in for quite a shock.

Duffel Bag Coffin

Baseball Coffins

Coffin - Mets - Baseball Theme

Show you are a true fan by being buried in a baseball-themed coffin. Available from places like Christy Vault, these baseball coffins are designed by Eternal Image, which also does urns with the logo of your favorite team (and baseball on top).

Patterned Coffins (Wood/Cardboard)

DJ Coffin

A company called Creative Coffins has created your basic coffin shape using environmentally friendly cartonboard materials or medium density fibre board and chipboard. They will decorate them with a series of patterns like the DJ coffin you see above.

Wine Coffin

Remember: we all eventually die, but let’s remember to keep it weird.

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