Television talk: Top tips for buying a TV that hits the sweet spot

posted by Chris Valentine

This article contains the Top tips for buying a TV that will get you a set that fits your needs ... photo by CC user Raysonho on wikimedia commons

Investing in your home entertainment setup is exciting. There are so many televisions on the market that offer a wide range of different viewing experiences at different prices. Televisions have evolved so much that when you are watching films or television shows, it can feel like you are completely immersed in the experience. The viewing experience can seem so real that you feel like you can touch it. You can opt for televisions that are large or small, smart or that give you a 3D experience. Some are expensive and others are cheap. With so much on offer, it makes it challenging to pick the right one for your television needs. You have the opportunity to purchase a television that hits your sweet spot if you simply follow the tips provided below.

Size does matter!

There is such a thing as getting a television that is too big (or even too small). Most people automatically assume that purchasing a bigger television means that it will be better. Fact is that many of the bigger televisions will only give you a good experience if your room and seating arrangement will accommodate your television’s size. A large television in a small room can make your viewing experience overwhelming. Additionally, if your television is too small, the viewing experience may be difficult as you struggle to view the television content, causing your eyes to strain. To optimise your viewing experience, ensure that your room is large enough to place your seating arrangement at least 3 metres away from the television. For larger sets, you may need to set your seating arrangement further back (3-5 metres), depending on the type of viewing experience that you desire.

Ensure that you get good reception.

One of the major setbacks that people have when they purchase their television is that they haven’t considered the clarity of their television reception. Watching DVDs, Blu-Rays and streaming services should be fine, however if you plan to watch television from a reception signal, you need to invest in an antenna that will provide you with an optimal signal to you can get clear, crisp reception that maximises your viewing experience on your television. You can get quotes from antenna installation businesses in Melbourne who can assess your reception capability and advise you on the right antenna to invest in for your optimal viewing experience.

Opt for a Smart television option.

Most of the televisions on the market have Smart technology whereby they connect to the internet and can communicate with other Smart devices. This can turn your television experience into a complete entertainment or multifunctional platform. Watch your favourite films on Netflix, play games on your Xbox or Playstation, use your phone as a remote control or connect it with Apple TV. There are so many options that you can leverage.

To 3D or not to 3D?

The option to have a 3D television is more of a nice to have. Most of your television experience will be in 2D, but for the odd movie that you want to enjoy as a 3D experience like Avatar, then it is worth spending the extra money to have the 3D function.

Accessorise your TV setup with a good sound system.

Most televisions come with a good sound system experience, however it is recommended to enhance the audio experience by investing in a home theatre system or a soundbar that can amplify the sound to provide a clearer and more immersive viewing experience.

Cost benefits.

You want to invest in a television that will benefit you cost-wise over the long term. LED televisions are a great option since they use less energy and tend to last longer than LCD and Plasma televisions.

You will be spoiled for choice when you are looking to invest in the right television for your home or office. Consider the points presented above when choosing your television and maximise your viewing experience!

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