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Redhead Day: Netherlands’ Ginger Festival

posted by Chris Valentine

Redhead Day

Redhead Day: an annual day (actually, a weekend) to mark all things “ginger”, paid for by the local government in Breda, a city in the south east of the Netherlands. We like to call it the Ginger Festival.

Redhead Day founder Bart Rouwenhorst has a painting hobby. So one day he put out an ad for redheads to do paintings of. Soon, red people were coming out of the woodwork. Why Rouwenhorst took this as a sign to have an annual redhead event is beyond us. He should have taken it was a warning – don’t give the red people a reason to leave the confines of their houses!

all right, we’re joking. We dig redheads:

Go ahead – make your carpet/drapes joke. We know you want to.

Source: BBC News
Official Event Site

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