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Vikings are usually pictured holding smaller or larger axes. They look wild and threatening when clutching these axes. An axe is indeed an essential part of every Viking’s life. The axes are not seen as just weapons; they are tools that the Vikings couldn’t live without. This is a tool that every Viking must own and know how to use in their snowy, forested homelands. This made axes a weapon of conflict, one to be used during the war. Viking axes are well known for their compact size and agility.

Continue reading as we explore what a Viking axe is and why you need to learn to use one.

What is a Viking Axe?

It is a hand tool with many usages. It can either be used at home or on the battleground. Decades ago, when swords were very expensive and could only be gotten by the wealthy warrior, many other warriors went for the axe. In that era, the axe was a common tool that anybody could own, and it was less expensive.

With time, the structure and design of the axes changed. The Scandinavians became skilled in making axes. The head of the axe was formerly made with stone, but it was later replaced by steel and iron.

The Viking age was the age of varieties of axes. The Viking axe was usually lightweight for easy handling and quick throw by warriors. The axe edge was made to be very sharp. There were also axes, which were made for close combat. These axes had short cutting edges. The bearded axe and the Dane axe are common examples.

The Viking axe came in various sizes, ranging from 1 to 5 feet long with varying blade thickness and size. The Dane axes often came with thin blades and a big, curving cutting edge. This made the Dane axe perfect for cutting through leather armour and causing severe injury. The bearded axe, on the other hand, was heavier and thicker. This made it the right choice for heavy-duty activities, such as splitting and wood-cutting. It also helps them deliver crushing powerful blows on the enemy.

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Why Should You Learn to Use a Viking Axe as a Beginner?

 The motivation to use a Viking axe comes from within. You can use it anywhere as your learning space, particularly your outdoor space. If you’ve had a rough week, you can let off steam by picking some axe throwing skills. It helps in the following ways:

1. Stress-relieving activity

One way to relieve yourself from pent-up frustration is by throwing things at a target. All you just have to do is use your strength to throw your Viking axe at a target, and you’ll be surprised at how satisfied you’ll be. 

2. Healthy competition among friends

You can engage in an axe throwing contest with family and friends, which is a sure way to build healthy competition between you and your friends. So if your family heirloom consists of axes and knives, now is the time to start learning how to throw.

3. New skill learning

The right time to acquire an axe throwing skill is now. It prepares you for all kinds of emergencies. All you need do is buy the perfect Viking axe and learn some throwing skills.

4. Team building activity

Forming an axe throwing group will help you learn faster, teach you to compete against people, and work together. You can also acquire skills about other games while learning axe throwing with a team.

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