Outdoor first aid survival supplies this winter season.

posted by Chris Valentine

Winter is coming.
~ Ned Stark from Game of Thrones.

As the air grows chilly and the inhospitable weather poses a whole different set of challenges for our family when outdoors, you need to be ready when the unexpected happens. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure,”.

Keep this in mind: freezing temperatures can kill you in Florida and Montana. So geographic location is important to consider when packing supplies. A prepared mindset requires us to be more vigilant in all circumstances and understand that things can “go south” at any moment.


Your survival will depend on the supplies you carry.

There are a couple of things you can use to aid you in the wintertime that will make the difference when you’re in a tight spot. Here I’ll list them, how they’re used, and why you should have them.

First things first. Keep a first aid kit with you ALL THE TIME. Winter is an unforgiving season, that’s why it helps to be prepared whether you’re inside toasting mallows or outside building a makeshift igloo. Thankfully, you can get a premade first aid kit from online stores like Chemmart Pharmacy. You can enjoy the great outdoors without falling


  • Avoid Frostbite by keeping your extremities warm. You’re already familiar with snow boots, earmuffs, and gloves to keep you warm. However, you may need a better solution for extreme situations. Ground pads and thermal blankets are a must if you’re stuck outside.  Keep in mind that in some conditions up to 50 percent of heat loss from the body can happen through your head. Therefore, you need a proper head gear to maintain proper body heat.
  • Heat your body from the inside out. Pack chicken broth packets and cocoa packets in a Ziploc bag and place them in your medical trauma kit/bag. Why not? When your core temperature is dangerously low and they have either entered borderline or hypothermia, the beverage can heat them up and provide basic caloric energy. Never forget your matches and lighters! Stock up on them and make sure to waterproof them using zip locks. Here’s a fire building tutorial by Jack London.
  • Invest on a good water-proof poncho. Another thing that will benefit you during winter outdoor adventure is a good poncho. Preferably, get a U.S. Army grade poncho since it has grommets that are really durable and strong. You can easily roll your poncho up along with cords. For easy packing, you can also roll the poncho and slip it into a spare sock you have at home. In this light, make sure that you waterproof all supplies you have. Each one of them. This is done during the summer, so what more for winter?
  • Sleeping bag is a must. A good sleeping bag and/or blanket are vital during the winter months. You need to store them in a waterproof bag and near your pack’s outside portion for easy access.


That’s it! Remember, emergency isn’t something that may happen, it’s when.

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