Online Casino Gaming and Sports Betting

posted by Chris Valentine

Wireless connectivity and Smart phones and tablets made it possible for online casino players to access their favorite casinos games anywhere and at any time. Convenience plays a key role in the surging popularity of online casino gaming, sports betting included.

The most recent statistics indicate that 26% of the world’s population gamble. Another study done by British researchers showed that of the 26% who gamble, around 17% gamble online.

With the world’s digitization and continuous advancements in technology, the growth of the online gambling industry is unparalleled. With thousands of online casinos offering their services to online gamblers, there is no doubt that online casino gaming will continue to exponentially expand.

Online Gambling Market

The online gambling market was pegged at about 46 billion USD in 2017. It is anticipated that this value will double after six to seven years. Thus, by the year 2024 the anticipated value of the online gaming industry is around 94 billion USD.

Online gaming includes popular casino games such as slots, blackjack, poker and sports betting through the internet. It is not easy to compute the total value of the sports betting market as there are no set regulations observed by sports betting outlets. However, statistics indicate that the 30% up to 40% of the global gambling market points to sports betting.

Google Trends points out that 60% up to 70% of turnover for both online and land-based casinos are from slot machines. This is why leading online casino games developers are churning out new slot games at a fast rate.

Slots for Free

Casino gamblers are more inclined to play slots for reasons such as ease in playing, attractive and entertaining games of various genre, and the possibility of huge payouts. Slots free with bonus games, free spins, multipliers and other online casino freebies are afforded registered players. It is true that in online slots the house has the edge, and that the average slot player will lose if he does not know when to stop playing. But! It is also true that winning in slots is a possibility. To increase one’s chances of winning, it is best to choose slots that are not very complicated and elaborate. Bet the highest allowable wager to win the whole pot prize in case one hits the jackpot.

Free Sports Betting

It is also possible to get free sports betting money as more online bookmakers are affording newly-registered players free bets. Included in sports betting are bets for just about any sports (basketball, baseball, football, hockey, soccer) and horse race betting.
As with anything that is free, there are terms and conditions to be met when withdrawing winnings through these free bets.

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