New Accessories Which PC Gamers Need to Buy 

posted by Chris Valentine

When it comes to accessorizing to increase the gaming experience, those who game on PC are the first to take things to the next level. There is a certain dedication which is given to the passion by those who game via PC and they are more than happy to shell out for the latest in tech to give them the greatest experience. Whether it is a high end mouse such as this one https://www.razer.com/gaming-mice or a top level keyboard, PC gamers love accessories and here are some picks beyond those mentioned which you should be looking at this year.

Computer Glasses

It is fair to say that us PC gamers spend an awful lot of time looking at a screen and as we are more than too aware, this is going to do damage to our vision over the long term. Previously protective glasses were largely unproven in terms of offering support for your eyes and vision, but we are now seeing many products on the market which are of a very high standard and have proven to protect eyes. 

Gaming Chair 

The gaming chairs which we are seeing right now are absolutely incredible and offer far more than just comfort for the gamer. These chairs are attractive, functional and they make gamers feel in the perfect mood for some marathon sessions.Gamers won’t get tired or overheated with some of the incredible chairs that are available, and if you don’t have one yet then it is time to invest. The GTracing gaming chair is by far and away one of the best around right now. 


One piece of tech which many gaming fanatics are looking to add to their arsenal is a projector so that they can play their favorite games with a massive wall-sized display. The key to picking up a projector is ensuring that the quality is as high as you’d expect from any other monitor, and products such as the Optoma HF27HDR are leading the way in terms of the quality which they are able to project onto the wall. 


Wearing a headset is not just abut being able to talk to your opponents or team mates, it is also about giving you the very best gaming experience through providing high quality audio which enhances the game playing fun. Headsets don’t come cheap but they are well worth investing in, and the Miolindun looks to be one of the strongest products out there right now. There are many products to choose from and people should be focused on audio quality and battery life before they buy. 

Gaming Lights

The final mention goes to gaming lights, exciting light displays which flash and move based on the ambience of what is happening in the game play. This adds extra entertainment and excitement to your gaming experience and they are a nice accessory to add to your collection. 

Which will be your first accessory of 2020?

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