What is a moving violation and what you should do if you get a ticket?

posted by Chris Valentine


Driving on the roads of America is challenging, There are so many automobiles today that you must be constantly vigilant about drivers who are either impaired, distracted, or simply ad drivers. They threaten to cause accidents or stress to other drivers which makes your commutes more difficult.

Sometimes we also find ourselves on the wrong side of proper driving. Perhaps we were doing something behind the wheel we should not do, we caused an accident, we were not paying attention to traffic, traffic signs, signals or police officers, or we were simply wrongly accused of a traffic infraction. If any of these occurs, we might be issued a moving violation that can cost of money, a loss of our driving privileges, or even potential time in jail.

What is a Moving Violation?

A moving violation is a traffic ticket issued when a police officer or electronic means thinks that you have broken a traffic law while driving your vehicle. You can be issued a moving violation anywhere in the country. If you are given a violation it will be from the local police in that area. For California as an example if you are given a moving violation in Sacramento, it will be from Sacramento police and if you want to fight it you will need to hire a Sacramento traffic ticket lawyer.

A moving violation includes relatively minor infractions like driving through a cross walk at the wrong time or making an improper U-turn, to very serious crimes like drunk driving or even committing a hit and run.

For minor infractions it is best to pay the ticket or fight it yourself in court. Depending on the severity of violation you receive however you may need to hire the services of a reputable traffic ticket lawyer. So if you are in LA and need a traffic ticket lawyer Los Angeles has a few great ones to call. Or as stated previously, if you find yourself on the wrong end of a drink driving infraction in Sacramento and need a ticket lawyer Sacramento ticket lawyers are your best option.
If you are given a serious moving violation for something like hit and run or drunk driving, the key is to keep a clear head and seek professional help to fight it.

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