Guide to Choosing the Right Rental Car for the Right Occasion

posted by Chris Valentine

There are many reasons why a person might rent a car, it could be a special occasion, perhaps a wedding, or it might be as a substitute vehicle while the car is being repaired or serviced. Whatever the occasion, it is important to hire the right vehicle, and an established rental company would have an extensive range of top quality cars and minivans to suit every occasion.


Sedan Cars

The traditional style passenger car is perfect for a shopping experience in the city centre, or that weekend away, and with all the comfort and options one would expect from a top model, long distances are no problem. If a person needs transport in Western Australia, Ace Rent a Car’s affordable car rental in Perth is the ideal solution.

Sports Utility Vehicle

This style is perfect for touring in Australia, and four wheel drive allows one to get off the beaten track, so to speak. SUVs are spacious and can accommodate up to 8 passengers, more than enough for the average family, and with so much rear storage space, and a roof rack, there’s always room for those extra things that make the vacation a little more comfortable. Most car hire companies will stock a range of SUVs, and if the group is adventurous, this is the perfect vehicle.

The Pick-up Truck

Utes are ideal for those weekend gardening projects, as the car will not accommodate such things as turf or small trees, it might be a bit of interior decorating, or just some ground clearance, but whatever the task, a pick-up truck is ideal. With economical fuel consumption and air conditioned cabs, the ute is the perfect vehicle for any work that requires moving equipment or large items. It could also be used during a move, if the main truck is full, the pick-up can carry the remainder of the contents and follow behind.

Commercial Vans

There might be times when one needs to move items in bulk, and a 1.5 tonne capacity will ensure that the job gets done in a single trip. For single people looking to relocate, it is often unnecessary to call in the removal company, and with a little help from one’s friends, the move can be completed in a few hours. The business might require the use of a van during seasonal busy periods, and with discounted rates for regular customers, it is a better idea to rent than to buy a vehicle, especially if it isn’t used most of the time.

Minibus Hire

If the group is 8 people or more, a minibus would be the best option, as they can carry up to 12 people in comfort. The driver does not need a special licence to drive a minibus, and it provides an efficient way for a large party to see the sights, or arrive at a seminar. There might be an extended family holiday and rather than take two cars, hire a minibus and the whole group can travel together.

Choosing the right vehicle is important, and by using a reputable car hire company, the experience will be a pleasant one, and the passengers will have a comfortable environment with sufficient space.

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