How to sell your car online and earn a profit

posted by Chris Valentine

Selling your car online isn’t hard. And you can even make a great profit. All you will need is some preparation and research before you try. In this post, we will teach you just that – how you can sell your car online and turn a nice profit.

Become a used car pricing expert

Selling a car is much more profitable when you know much is it worth. To begin, study car prices online and find some pricing guides to get a feel for the average prices of your car. There are also apps you can download to your smartphone that can let you look up car values quickly and easily.

Although the truth is, there is no actual way to get an exact value on your car. Each vehicle has many different qualities and features than the next. Pricing guides will only help you determine the ballpark value of a car. The real value is determined by what someone else is willing to give for it.

Selling without selling

The most important advice in regards to selling is – don’t try to be a salesperson. Instead, be a good marketer. Being a great marketer is very different than being a great salesperson. When someone emails you about buying your car, according to Autovolo he chose to do so precisely to avoid an automotive dealership that will pressure the purchase or try to sell.

Rather, just be yourself. Be honest about everything and let the buyer make the decision about the purchase. If you’ve prepared the car for sale adequately you shouldn’t have any issues.


Once you’ve got an idea of the price you’re selling it for, it is crucial to round up all the paperwork you will need to sell the car. Firstly, if you’re selling with a full-service history, you’ll require proof of that. For this, you’ll need the car’s logbook. Save any invoices, as they can come as a nice bonus.

If you’re selling with an MOT, you’ll also want the certificate showing exactly that. Lastly, you will need to find your V5C – the vehicle official registration paper. Once the car is sold, you will tear off sections 1-8 of the V5C to tell the DVLA that the ownership has changed.

Maximize your profits with a clean car

Cleaning your car is one step that you never want to leave out in the selling process. Even if the car isn’t very dirty, clean it anyway. Since this is your buyer’s first impression and people tend to judge a book by its cover, this can have a big impact on the price.

Deep clean your vehicle by scrubbing every little hidden place. Remove seats then vacuum under them. Don’t forget to shampoo the upholstery. This gives the automobile a fresh scent and negates any musky odor. Repair car key fob if needed.

In the end, remember to take pictures of your car. Clean, uncluttered pictures mind you. You just need a mobile phone, a clean car, and an uncluttered background. Take your time – get the entire car in the frame. Look at a few online auctions to get an idea of what kind of shots and angles the professionals use. The more the merrier.

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