What Is the Average Cost to Ship a Car? The Important Things to Know

posted by Chris Valentine

Are you trying to learn about the average cost to ship a car? If yes, you should check out this guide on the prices you can expect to pay.

The need to travel may arise for business or pleasure. This is when we find ourselves wondering what to do with our car. Instead of putting countless miles on our vehicles, why not ship them?

The average cost to ship a car is very reasonable. A reliable company can safely and efficiently transport any vehicle, no matter what the budget.

In fact, shipping a car has added benefits that we may not even realize. Keep reading to explore the many ways shipping a car can be the best option when traveling.

Reasons to Ship a Car Instead  

We love our cars. We want to keep our cars for as long as possible, and driving it across the country would put an unnecessary amount of miles on any vehicle.

Shipping a car keeps miles low and ensures the safe passage of the vehicle.

While road trips can be fun, sometimes we just want to get to our destination without a three day trip as part of our schedule. Hopping on a plane may be the easiest choice, and shipping a car ensures our vehicle gets to its destination on time (and fast).

Driving for miles on end can eat up any budget, between gasoline, oil changes, and general wear and tear. Instead of paying all that money, why not choose to save and ship a car instead.

Money not spent on driving a car a significant distance can be used on the trip itself and not spent filling the gas tank. Also, a shipped car arrives nice and clean, making our job even easier.

Cleanliness of a car aside, the most important thing is safety. There is always a certain amount of risk associated with driving a car cross country, such as the risk of being stranded. By shipping a car, this worry is removed. Plain and simple.

Opt to ship a car because it’s affordable and provides peace of mind.

Average Cost to Ship a Car

Shipping a car is a fast, affordable option for any budget. For travel up to 500 miles, it costs roughly $1 per mile. So for a 400-mile trip, expect to spend $400 to ship a car. There would be no need to worry about wear and tear, gas, or possible roadside emergencies; we can arrive at our destination with peace of mind.

Shipping a car is particularly beneficial for much longer trips, as the cost per mile goes down in accordance with the distance. For a car shipped 2000 miles, we could expect to pay about 50 cents a mile.

Classic cars have an extra charge because they often need to be placed in special shipping containers. The additional fee can run anywhere from $800-$3000 more, but it’s completely worth it (and often necessary).

Shipping a truck or SUV costs more, but not much. Any way you look at it, it’s still a better option and takes the worry out of traveling. It’s a great way to help the environment. Fewer cars on the road mean less pollution.

Don’t stress over what company to use. For a fast, professional, and competitively priced company, look no further than Geyers Auto Towing & Transport. They’re open 24/7, transport basically every type/size vehicle, and even offer to tow.

That sounds great to me. 

Is Shipping a Car the Best Choice?

Absolutely! The average cost to ship a car is affordable, fast, and easy. Professional car transportation services get vehicles to their destination all while charging a very reasonable price.

We want to enjoy our journey. We also want to preserve the integrity of our vehicle and forego the worry of flat tires, rocks cracking the windshield, and running out of gas. Let’s trust the professionals to ship our vehicles, saving us time, energy, and unnecessary stress.

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