Speeding fine advice that will save you a bundle

posted by Chris Valentine

In the UK, serious speeding offences have jumped by 10% from 2015 to 2016; almost 50,000 motorists in Britain were issued with court summons for speeding last year. These fines can amount to up to £2,500 and the penalties that accompany it can vary depending on circumstance. But, do you know what to do if you receive a speeding fine? This speeding fine advice will tell you what you need to know about speeding fines and what to do if you get one!

Following the speeding fine advice in this post will save you tons of money in the long run

It’s not just those yellow boxes that can catch you out either, and did you know that as the law stands you are liable for a speeding ticket the minute you exceed the speed limit; this means that if you are doing 31mph in a 30mph limit you could be landed with a ticket. Although this is unlikely to happen, the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) says police forces do not prosecute until drivers exceed a margin of error of 10% of the speed limit. This helps to make sure we aren’t all driving around staring at our speedometers instead of concentrating on the road! Allowing them to take into consideration driver concentration and an additional 2mph for speedometer error, put it simply, it’s down to the individual police forces discretion over your speeding fine, depending on the circumstances and thresholds.

More Than Just a Camera

Whilst the most common way of getting caught is of course the conventional speed camera at the side of the road, you will know you’ve been caught if it flashes you as you pass, but there are other ways of being caught too. These include the average speed camera systems, speed traps, mobile speed camera vans and being pulled over by a police officer.

A police officer will require evidence of your speed, (unless you are on a motorway where the officer’s opinion is enough to prosecute) the evidence will be obtained by a speed gun or use of a camera or bike. It is also possible for their in-car systems to give a reading and record the cars speed if they are following the car.

Notice of Intended Prosecution

If you have been pulled over at the side of the road, you will receive a verbal NIP from the officer dealing with you there; however, if you have been caught by the average speed camera a notice of intended prosecution will be sent to the registered owner of the cars address, so if someone else was driving your car and got caught speeding you will receive the NIP!

Appealing Against a Speeding Fine

You can appeal against a speeding fine for a number of reasons, once the NIP has been issued you might be required to attend court. You can either opt to defend yourself and lay out the reasons why to the court, but it might be a good idea to work with a solicitor who can give you an experts advice on your options regarding the speeding fine.

They can also work with you to get the best possible outcome, whether this is lesser points, a minimised ban, this will depend on your circumstances and what is viewed your best possible outcome following the speeding fine.

Article supplied by Vincent’s Solicitors.

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