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Odd UK Tourist Attractions

posted by Chris Valentine

Whether you are visiting the United Kingdom after snagging a deal on Jet2 Holidays or a lifelong resident, here are some off the really strange, bizarre, and odd UK tourist attractions that you probably haven’t heard of! Also has some good UK deals for holidays.

Scotland’s Fairy Pools
The Scottish highlands are the things of legends and countless films. Scotland’s Fairy Pools look like something straight off the pages of your favorite fantasy novel. Since they are pretty cold you likely won’t need to pack a swimsuit, you will definitely want to bring your camera to capture the surreal turquoise blue waters, you may also want to get in the spirit and pack your glengarry hat. Scotland’s fairy pools are one of the odd UK tourists attractions you do not want to miss, they are peaceful, relaxing, and a bit out there.

Odd UK Tourist AttractionsNorthern Ireland’s Dark Hedges
The name alone sounds eerie enough to make it one of the must see odd UK tourist attractions. Recently made famous by a scene from the hit TV show Game of Thrones, this road in Northern Ireland is one of the eeriest looking places on earth. The road is lined with trees which originally were planted simply to greet visitors but now have turned into twisted menacing wardens.  Located near the town of Armory, we definitely recommend visiting these creepy road on your trip to the UK.

Abandoned Denbigh Insane Asylum
If we have learned anything from horror movies is that there is nothing creepier than abandoned insane asylums. Located in Wales and originally serving about 200 patients it became over crowded and was housing nearly 2000 before closing in 1899. It is not hard to imagine the horrors that went on here. While it is not an official tourist location, it is currently available for public access.  It is definitely a must if you are looking for odd UK tourist attractions.

Museum of Witchcraft, England
Keeping the theme of creepy going, why not visit the world’s largest museum of Witchcraft? Haunted in its own way, the Museum of Witchcraft has been forced to move three different times due to being vandalize by those who presumably still want to persecute witches. Visitors to the Museum of Witchcraft will be treated to a slew of historical artifacts including items of supposed magically value. So whether you are a practicing witch or just a Harry Potter fan, why not add the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall England to your next UK visit.

Maunsell Army Sea Forts
These sea-forts look like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. Built off shores of Kent to protect the River Thames from attack during World War 2, today they stand as a massive rusty remembrances of how close the Germans came to invading the UK and how much of a different world today if not for the sacrifice and ingenuity of the British.

Whether you are a history buff, a lover of strange nature, or fascinated by the occult; these odd UK tourists attractions will guarantee you have a memorable journey next time you visit the United Kingdom.

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